“I started making stainless steel mixing elbows when my Yanmar iron elbow failed me.I was shocked at the cost and the fact they were still cast iron.As most of us know salt water, heat, and cast iron don’t work well together. When I realized, I could fix this not only for me but for other boat owners around the world, I couldn’t help but try.

I am a manufacturing engineer and have specialized in castings for over 25 years. Choosing the investment cast process allows for uniform wall thickness and great surface finishes inside and out.These parts are guaranteed for 2 years but should last a lifetime.I installed the first one I made into my 4LH-STE in 2005. It still looks great inside and out. The product line has grown only from people asking me to make a product for their engine.Designing molds is a passion of mine and I take pride in the design and the quality of our products, you will see and feel the quality when you receive them.”

-Steve Wilkerson, CEO

HDI Marine

Steve Wilkerson
CEO / Founder



Hailey Wilkerson
Director of Marketing